Philip Lippard

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Backing up to the Cloud

As a result of my recent migration to VMWare ESX Server for my offsite hosted servers, I also needed to consider a backup strategy.  In addition to having a local daily backup option, I also wanted a secondary cloud backup strategy.  I selected the products available from Cloudberry Labs; a software company based out of St. Petersburg Russia.

Content_01 There is a freeware edition of the Cloudberry products, however I selected the Cloudberry Explorer Pro and Cloudberry Online Backup Server Edition.  I have licensed the Online Backup Server Edition for each of my VMWare virtualized servers, and at around 2am each morning Online Backup Server Edition executes their user defined backup plan.

powered_by Cloudberry products support backing up to the cloud services of Amazon S3 (Simply Storage Service), Microsoft Azure, the emerging Google Storage Service and Dunkel Storage (a Amazon S3 compatible service based out of Germany).

The Cloudberry Explorer Pro and Online Backup products both support compression and encryption as features for any backup plan.  The Cloudberry compression feature reduces the amount of data being backed up on an average of 66%; effectively reducing the Amazon S3 storage charge from 15 cents down to 5 cents per GB.   The encryption feature provides an additional of privacy and security for your data.