Philip Lippard

Please say it ain't so

One USB3 External False Start

One USB3 external hard drive candidate that was especially disappointing was the Sans-Digital TowerRAID TR4UT-BP.   I used Sans-Digital quite successfully for USB2/RAID Thinkpad backups, however I simply could NOT get their USB3 based product to work, and the problem was clearly not with the Thinkpad W520.  There appear to be problems with a number of emerging USB3 products, however the Thermaltake product, mentioned in the earlier post, I have had good success with.   To make matters worse with the Sans-Digital product; I was promised a refund, however I finally had to have the bank issue me a credit for the Sans-Digital charge.   Due to this experience, this is probably the last time I will purchase a Sans-Digital product.

USB3 External Storage for new Thinkpad W520

For external USB 3 storage I found that many of the emerging USB 3 products are not yet ready for prime time; in other words they are simply not working.  I initially wanted an external RAID unit, however none of the RAID units I evaluated worked adequately.  I settled on the Thermaltake Max 5G Active cooling enclosure without RAID capability and then purchased a server grade 2TB drive from Western Digital.