Philip Lippard

Please say it ain't so

Text Messages at 30,000 Feet

On a recent flight between Raleigh and Sanibel I could not help but notice the "WI-FI Enabled" logo as I was entering the aircraft.  I figured this would be a good test for my new 13" MacBookPro laptop.  The WI-FI service is powered by  After researching GoGoInflight, I learned that it is available on multiple airlines, so evidently some entrepreneur has been quite creative in developing a WI-FI capability that can be airline-neutral and provide a great service.

So...I tried it out and it worked great, and I was flying coach class.  I was able to text message using Google Voice and Skpe.   I was also able to conduct voice calls using Skype.

Technology has come a long way since Charles Lindbergh.

Google Voice - What is it ?

Google Voice is the Internet based phone forwarding service by Google. It was previously known as GrandCentral. Google Voice is free except for international calls.

Google Voice gives you a separate phone number which you can give out as if it is your regular phone number. You can then change your settings to have calls forward to any of your phones.

You can forward to one group of phones during the day and another at night. You can have calls from certain numbers forward differently than calls to other numbers. You can block spamming callers and send some calls straight to voice mail.

You can send yourself an SMS message or an email whenever you get a voice mail message, and you can check your voice mail from the Web or from your phone.