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IE6 Rebellion ?...You Be The Judge

As a Web Designer/ Software Developer, IE6 is a browser that is difficult to avoid if you have a web site where the world is your audience.   There are so many non-compliance issues with IE6 that it is difficult to maintain a comprehensive list of known problems.  The most annoying problem with IE6 is the non-support of PNG24 images.

In any event, I saw an article in CNN this morning where web designers are starting a movement to get rid of IE6.  I would not expect the demise of IE6 anytime soon, however this can only be good news.

The problems with IE6 can become so overwhelming that I wrote a special ASP.NET custom control for one project that conditionally injects special HTML code where appropriate for IE6.  It works sort of like this...

   1:  <slcms:InjectBrowserHtml runat="server">
   2:      <DefaultTemplate>
   3:          <img src="/Themes/Images/ShipMyLuggage/Your-ticket-to-ease.png" 
   4:              alt="Your ticket to ease of convenience" />
   5:      </DefaultTemplate>
   6:      <IE6Template>
   7:          <div style="filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(sizingMethod='scale',
   8:                      src='/Themes/Images/ShipMyLuggage/Your-ticket-to-ease.png'); 
   9:                  width: 478px; 
  10:                  height: 149px;">
  11:              &nbsp;
  12:          </div>
  13:      </IE6Template>
  14:  </slcms:InjectBrowserHtml>    

And of course, all over the web are articles about how to fix the most noticeable IE6 problems....such as 10 Fixes That Solve IE6 Problems...

IE6 ?....Good riddance...