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MacBookPro–Using Boot Camp & Windows 7

apple-boot-campI have a 13” MacBookPro laptop which I use for native iPhone/iPad iOS software development.    Unfortunately, that is about all I use the MacBookPro for.   Since my requirements for iOS development come and go, the MacBookPro stays turned off much of the time.  Almost 100% of my time is spent developing web sites using ASP.NET MVC4, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, HTML5, etc…and in fact more and more of my clients prefer a web based mobile interface using offerings like jQuery Mobile.

So I decided to put the MacBookPro to better use.  I actually own some Mac based virtualization software, however I was not pleased with its poor performance, so I decided to try out Boot Camp, which simply enables a dual boot of the Intel based MacBookPro processor.  It sounded like a great idea, however it does have a few limitations.

I recently upgraded the MacBookPro to Mountain Lion and Boot Camp comes installed in the Utilities directory.   The biggest Boot Camp limitation is the partition sizes; you have the choice of using 50% of the hard disk or 20gb of the hard disk, a strange combination to choose from.  I could not give up 50% of the entire hard disk, so I opted for the 20gb.

After installing Windows 7 with Boot Camp’s assistance and taking the time to install approximately 150 windows updates I found out pretty quickly that I only had about 1.5gb of free space out of the original 20gb.  I found a trick on the Internet on how to disable hibernation, however this still did not yield enough space.

There are a number of third party utilities that will decrease the Mac partition so you can then use Windows disk management to increase the Windows NTFS partition, however it was not that important enough to me to staret this effort.   What I ultimately ended up doing was to use the Windows COMPACT command to compress the entire Windows partition.   This yielded enough space for me to get by.   After all, I will probably only use this Windows partition when I am at some future meeting and I need to boot into Windows for whatever reason.

My Mac mouse still does not work with Windows, however from poking around on the Internet it appears that when I find time, I will be able to get this to work.  That is it…..dual booting with Boot Camp does work, but I would not try using it as a development Windows machine.