Philip Lippard

Please say it ain't so

Have you been lying awake at night wondering about this ?

I have a client requirement where I may need to allocate large memory chunks within Browser memory...using JavaScript.  I considered using cookies, however the limit on maximum number of cookies and size of each cookie is far too restrictive.  I also considered Silverlight isolated storage, however the limit on available isolated storage is 1mb currently...and when it is increased the user gets an annoying prompt to approve the increase.

Silverlight Isolated Storage

I do not have a persistent storage requirement, so using available Browser memory is an option.

So how much Browser memory can one allocate with JavaScript before the Browser will crash ?  I would hope it is limited only by PC available memory....however here is a web page that will provide some basic answers...

Click HERE to test how much Browser memory you can allocate with your are asked to continue after each 1mb is allocated.   In my case I have probably succesfully met my client's requirements if I can easily allocate 16mb of Browser memory.

The interesting part of this is that such JavaScript memory allocation (string concatenation) is incredibly slow using Microsoft IE, however is quite fast using Firefox or Safari.   You are not surprised you say ?