Philip Lippard

Please say it ain't so

Text Messages at 30,000 Feet

On a recent flight between Raleigh and Sanibel I could not help but notice the "WI-FI Enabled" logo as I was entering the aircraft.  I figured this would be a good test for my new 13" MacBookPro laptop.  The WI-FI service is powered by  After researching GoGoInflight, I learned that it is available on multiple airlines, so evidently some entrepreneur has been quite creative in developing a WI-FI capability that can be airline-neutral and provide a great service.

So...I tried it out and it worked great, and I was flying coach class.  I was able to text message using Google Voice and Skpe.   I was also able to conduct voice calls using Skype.

Technology has come a long way since Charles Lindbergh.