Philip Lippard

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Backing Off to Windows Vista 64 Bit

Vista 64 Bit Performance Given the problems encountered with Windows Virtual PC (WVP) support, rather than backing off to my Vista 32 Bit host OS, I have decided to back-off to a Vista 64 Bit host OS.  This will enable me to realize the memory relief I am looking for when executing concurrent virtual PCs.

Windows Vista 64 Bit does not provide the performance rating as Windows 7 but it will have to do for now.  I am ordering my 8gb of memory today.

Hitachi SATA 3.0gb Interface Drive Performance I found a utility on the Internet called CrystalDiskMarkwhich provides meaningful disk performance statistics.  My new Hitachi SATA 3.0gb interface Thinkpad T61p hard drives provide a noticeable performance improvement when compared to the performance of the 5400RPM drives I had been using. 

T61p-5400RPM-Disk-Performance I had been using the slower 5400RPM drives primarily because it was what was available at the time (2007) for larger capacity drives.

Biggest drawback with not having Windows 7 64 bit as my host OS is that Windows 7 Virtual PCs support attaching a USB device to a VPC....however I am unable to do so with Vista 64 bit and the predecessor VPC 2007 I am NOT able to sync-up my iPhone within a Vista 64 bit VPC.....and of course Outlook must be in the same VPC for the sync-up.