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Please say it ain't so

Airline Baggage Charges

We are no doubt in an age of airline charges for just about anything that one can imagine; baggage fees for checked baggage, even higher fees for one's 2nd or 3rd checked bag.  I know this all too well because I am a part-owner in an Internet shipping business; called, and in fact the start-up was justified in part due to the treatment consumers are receiving from the airlines.  I think well known Southwest Florida cartoonist Dave Horton illustrates it best in this cartoon below...

Bag Charges

The House that Nexus Built ?

I bought my Sanibel house in Dec-1999 from a French lady.  At the front door entrance she had the following sign exhibited.  I am currently having my Sanibel home remodeled, due for completion around 1-Sep.   I think I will replace the following sign with one which reads..."...The House that Nexus Built..."...


Paradise - since 1999

Mine is the house in the middle with the clean roof.

Click on the image and stand back... because baby I am going to take you for a wild ride.


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